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My Kinsale ~ An Anthology

My Kinsale


This is a community project in Kinsale, which sets out to document and publish the stories, memories and feelings of residents, and those with a special connection, towards our town. This project is under the auspices of Words By Water, Kinsale’s literary festival, now in its second year. We’ve decided to produce a print and electronic book this year, and to set up an ongoing archive of contributions online.  It is important not to lose details of our local history, images and memories of those who’ve known Kinsale for a long time, or the stories of those who move away.  It is important to the cohesion of our community that we share our experiences of the town, and My Kinsale aims to build an archive of as much material as possible.


We published My Kinsale in association with the Kinsale Chamber of Tourism and Business, in order to help reach the diaspora, those who regularly visit our town, and those who are planning to visit and would like to get a feel for our community before they arrive.

The first edition lays down the first layer of content  for a cultural archive including photographic and written histories of Kinsale, its people and place, including creative and factual written work. It contains creative input from people of all ages, including short commentaries, stories, poems and historical information about Kinsale.


We received funding from Creative Ireland and Cork County Council, and the project is being supported by Words By Water, as part of our annual festival. Sales of the book will not only help to underwrite this first edition, but hopefully will contribute to funding for updates in future years.

Our thanks go to Alannah Hopkin and Orla Kelly for their professional editing and production of the book, and to the forty or so contributors to this first edition for their writing and images.


Buying copies in print or for download.

Printed copies of My Kinsale will continue to be available locally in the book shops from 4th October 2018, and it will also be possible to order them through any one of 68 online retailers, including Amazon, Kobo and many others.  If you would like to purchase a copy for download to your e-reader, all these retailers offer this service.


If you have an enquiry about this book, please email Adrian Wistreich at formykinsale@gmail.com

Supported by Cork County Council, Creative Ireland and in association with Kinsale Chamber of Tourism and Business